On set with H&M members

Two lucky members spent two days on set with H&M — take a look behind the scenes.

"Do you want to be part of upcoming global campaigns?" it read on hm.com a few months ago. The question was asked to H&M members. Because who would be better stars of our campaigns than our customers? Sometime later, we had selected (after hard work!) two contest winners: Joely from France and Carolina from Spain. The price? Be part of commercial films about all the great benefits of being a member, recorded in Barcelona, Spain!

As usual on a film set, everyone has a busy schedule, including Joely and Carolina. But, we managed to sit down for a chat.

"It’s incredible. For me, it’s the first time on set. Being in front of the camera has been so much fun. We didn’t know what to expect when we first got here, but we got the chance to do some acting and play different roles," says Joely.

"Everything! Just being on set and acting with the other models, they are so nice to us, making us feel like one of them. It still feels like I'm dreaming. Everything is more than we expected," says Carolina.

"Before getting in front of the camera, the director has a chat with us models where he explains everything, what will happen in the scene, and what we can expect. I liked these little moments before they turned the camera on," Joely explains.

The days on set start early in the morning and end late at night. In between, there’s a lot of hard work, and the two girls’ part is no less than the other models working on the production.

"Everything is moving super fast. You do your make-up, and the next second you get your hair done. You try clothes on, but then they change their mind, and you have to get dressed again. Sometimes, we don’t have time to understand what’s happening," says Carolina.

"I can get really tired, but at the same time, I feel like a star, just like some famous person," says Joely.

After we end our chat, the girls will be part of a birthday party scene — and the costumes will be full glam.

"The other models who do this daily don’t seem as impressed, but this is so exciting for us. Everybody did a great job trying to integrate us from the beginning. And that’s also what makes this work so well. Everyone tries to make friends and be kind to each other," Joely tells us.

Before returning home, the girls hope to spend some more time together and with the rest of the team since they’ve had such a good time getting to know each other. And when we asked them what the first thing they would tell their friends about when they got home, Carolina couldn’t have given us a better answer:
“Hey, I worked with H&M!”

Curious about seeing the films with Carolina and Joley? Watch the House of members here. And, if you’re not already a member. Join today for all the great benefits of being a member!

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