H&M x Eva Cremers

H&M and Eva Cremers, known for her tongue-in-cheek and playful artwork, unlock creativity and individuality with unique and easy to style pieces. The fashion-frenzy collection will be on sale from 16 March 2023.

The artist  wittily uses charming characters with digital aesthetic to set the stage for self expression and resonates well with how kids have adopted the metaverse spectrum as their playground.  

"With the upcoming season in mind, I wanted to create fun 3D, lighthearted characters and elements, bursting with colour. I think that 3D is a great tool to bring characters to life and I knew it would help create tactile, joyful visuals for this range."

"My work is usually oozing happiness and fun, so it’s been great to be able to add that into this collection, and H&M did a great job combining everything into well crafted patterns.” - says Eva Cremers.

The collection embodies style and diversity, making it easy for kids to find fashion styles that make them happy. The digital aspect of the collaboration is relatable and enables them to express their personalities in the same manner, they have carved individualistic personas within the digital space. 

“So much of what we wear is about self-expression, so knowing that kids across the world will be able to express their authentic selves through these pieces is an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to see the collection live and be able to spot some pieces on the streets.” - Says Eva Cremers. 

The unique designs with bubbly CGI generated graphics, consist of an array of perfectly curated spring items.They range from full-on printed garments to solid accents.  

“I’m happy I was able to go full ‘Eva’ , bringing all the playful characters and colours. H&M and I were very aligned on our vision for this collection and I’m so happy to see the fun aesthetic reflected on the clothes!” - Adds Eva.

Older kids between 9-14 years boasts a quirky selection that throws it back to Y2K and the 90s, but with futuristic elements. The collection also carries sporty and casual looks that are easy to style.  An equally impressive selection for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 is composed of soft tailoring, loose silhouettes, big party dresses with new cut lines and lustrous qualities paired with sporty elements. 

Kids can also flare it up with edgy accessories like a fun 3D shoulder bag, keyring, bracelet and funky trucker cap. Not to be outdone, the babyline is adorned in bright bouncy colours and characters, perfect for their little discoveries. The line includes; woven dress, jersey set, jersey dress and more.  

"The collection enables kids to tell their story through quality and relatable fashion styles . It is simply the canvas and the rest is up to them to run wild with their imagination.  The fusion of 3D technology was also instrumental in bringing the collection to life and communicating our vision. We are excited to see kids dazzle in this collection. Most importantly, we want to encourage creativity and freedom to explore playful styles and looks, imaginable to them.  Together,  with Eva Cremers’ ingenious illustrations, perfectly captured the essence of the young in today’s digital age.” - Says Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Design and Creative H&M Kids

The Eva Cremers x H&M collection will be avaliable online and in store from 16 March 2023.

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