The moment for dressy menswear is now

Ready to trade loud sophistication for quiet luxury? Tap into the new A/W 2023 fashion trend brought to you by H&M Men.

For some time now, quiet luxury has been building its rep as an it trend in the world of fashion. This minimalist style refers to understated clothing made with high-end material — no flashy logos or recognizable designer trades included — and continues to make waves in menswear this season.

“Our new autumn fashion gives a dignified nod to the quiet-luxury trend, making the same type of sartorial sleekness available at a more modest price range. Iconic menswear pieces, like the car coat, have been re-imagined in contemporary fabrics to create a timeless yet modern aesthetic,” says Ross Lydon, H&M Men’s Head of Design.

The look is minimalist and precise, building on timeless, transitional garments styled in tonal layers. Silhouettes are relaxed and unconstructed without lacking sharpness, making pieces both comfortable and confidence-boosting. With a subdued color palette made up by earthy neutrals — including off-white, gray, black, beige, and brown — attention is drawn to the subtle shifts in hues and the tactility of textures.

“As a counterreaction to the streetwear trend, tailoring and sartorial influences are coming back in a big way. The look, however, should not be too formal. The double-breasted blazer looks fantastic with a pair of jeans, and pairing the leather jacket with loose, tailored pants is also very chic. The camel-wool blouson is sophisticated but very wearable — the perfect jacket for fall,” says Ross Lydon.

Luxuriously looking knitwear, such as turtleneck sweaters, relaxed cardigans, and classic crewnecks, deserve its place in the spotlight as well, preferably styled under the season’s statement outerwear and combined with wool pants and loose-fit jeans. Accessories, including large tote bags, heavy knit scarves, and chunky loafers, are discreet yet impactful, amplifying the sophisticated sensibility of the look.

The new A/W 2023 menswear will be available in stores and at from September 14.

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