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H&M teams up with iconic baby brand Sophie la Girafe for a newborn collection

H&M’s latest collaboration to put in the calendar? Sophie la Girafe, the iconic baby brand born in 1961 in Paris. These days, millions of people know Sophie la Girafe as the essential companion to babies around the world. And now the toy features in H&M’s newborn collection – the first collaboration Sophie la Girafe has ever had with a fashion brand.   

The journey from toy to a fashion collection with H&M has been oh-so lovely. Sophie la Girafe already has legendary style and design, even if she only stands 7 inches high. Translating that into babywear, however, was a matter of H&M designers trusting their intuition, almost echoing the way babies cultivate their senses with the iconic toy.  

Sofia Löfstedt, head of design and creative H&M Kids, explains: :“The tactility of Sophie la Girafe was the starting point of our designs so we landed in a collection of soft materials, sweet patches and embroidery, and a warm, natural color palette.” And because fall is quickly turning into winter, the collection also focuses on everything newborns need, like cozy layering pieces, hooded details and warmth.  

Cue the soft and comfortable bodysuits, matching bottoms, velour dungarees, pajamas, a warm pile jacket and hats. Picture matching sets like a velour cardigan and bottoms, and a knitted jacquard set. And for dressier moments, there’s a cute dress with a ruffled collar and a polo shirt with an adorable bow tie.   

The design team also wanted Sophie la Girafe to come to life through every piece. “Everything from specific garments right down to the prints had to consider Sophie’s point of view. So, we included delicate details, gentle materials and cute, unique prints like the repeating pattern of Sophie or mini-dots. Even the color palette comes from Sophie herself – warm neutrals, crispy white and brown” says Sofia Löfstedt.  

There was also the matter of ensuring that H&M’s commitment to circularity was at the forefront. The design team chose jersey and jacquard knits made from organic cotton, velour made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, and fuzzy pile from recycled polyester.  

The enduring beauty of Sophie la Girafe also comes from the fact it’s a popular – and precious – gift to a newborn. With that in mind, the H&M collection is meant to be perfect for gifting to new parents and their little ones. And when the baby outgrows something, “each piece can be passed onto other babies because of the collection’s timeless designs and durability,” Sofia Löfstedt points out.  

Embracing the fashion world, the Sophie la Girafe x H&M collaboration will captivate many babies and parents around the globe – from head to toe. And with this collection, the iconic toy truly comes alive.   

The Sophie la Girafe x H&M collaboration launches on October 26, 2023, and will be available online and in select stores.  

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