To celebrate the peak perfection of performance and style with H&M Move's New Snow Drop, we've scoured the globe, bringing to you inspiring places that perfectly twin with our elevated snowwear.

H&M Move’s New Snow Drop combines the pinnacle of style and performance, ensuring you reach new heights in all conditions. So, whether you’re looking to hit the slopes or serve stunning looks in the city this winter season, we’ve scoured the globe, bringing to you the peak of inspiration with places that perfectly twin with our elevated snowwear.


Standing at nearly 900 meters, Mount Zao offers the best of the country’s skiing and demands a snowsuit to match. So, when you’re not chilling in the natural hot springs on this dormant volcano, you can bring the red-hot heat with ThermoMove™ in the pinnacle of performance, style, and warmth.


Arguably the height of fashion and performance pairings, Mont Blanc is the place to see and be seen while enjoying unparalleled panoramas. With its unique access to the French and Italian faces of the majestic peak, Mont Blanc provides diverse experiences ranging from leisurely slopes to exhilarating challenges. Amidst the breathtaking settings, our gear adds a heightened layer of style and functionality with wind and waterproof StormMove™ tech—ensuring you're not only surrounded by stunning landscapes, but you are stunning, too.


Hidden among the hills outside Montreal, this snowy oasis pairing is perfect for any skier seeking to discover a new fave. Bringing a taste of Europe to North America, this peak rises 875 meters above Quebec, elevating your adventures in unique fashion with snowwear that seamlessly blends style and functionality in this unexpected snowy heaven in east Canada.


Experience peak conditions from the city streets of Copenhagen to the bunny slopes and back again with this powerhouse pairing in versatility. Located in the heart of the Danish capital, Copenhill serves as an electric power plant while its sloped roof also offers skiing and snowboarding in the height-challenged country (highest point 170 meters) all year round, a perfect fit for those looking for a fashionable range—whether it’s powder or pavement.


When the temps head north at the end of the season, just head south for Chile. Nestled close to the capital of Santiago, this peak reaches a majestic elevation of 4,000 meters. From June to October, indulge in the standard ski season that consistently dazzles with abundant powder. The allure of the enchanting landscapes becomes even more captivating when you are adorned in the latest snowwear—where every descent is simply breathtaking and every turn is a stylish statement.


Reaching nearly 1,800 meters in the Austrian Alps, Arlberg has finally met its match in H&M Move's snowwear. Where high-performance meets “hot” couture, you can glide effortlessly down the mountain—bringing the heat with warm ThermoMove™ tech. The marriage of Arlberg's natural beauty and our sleek designs turns your experiences into runway-worthy spectacles on the slopes.

Dropping November 9, the Women's and Men's Winter collections will be available exclusively at

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