Fashion makeover for the plain

Get inspired by the exclusive Upcycling Collaboration between REVIBE and H&Mbeyond.

(Re)-inventing your personality, making a statement and standing out in the crowd – hasn’t this always been part of fashion? We fall in love with that one garment, we create that look that boosts our confidence – but from time to time, there is this one forgotten piece. It lays in the deep, dark corner of the back of our wardrobe: Maybe it is old, maybe it is broken, or maybe it is still brand new with the tag on – a silent witness of a change of mind, style or body.

We believe it is time to tackle that corner. And we believe creativity is the starting point. It is a power from which everything can emerge – again and again. No matter if it is an old, discarded or unloved fashion item – that piece in the back of your closet can be enhanced by those who see beyond.

H&Mbeyond. H&M Central Europes Innovation lab based in Berlin, teamed up with REVIBE, the fashion upcycling platform, to explore together the magic of upcycling. Together they/we asked creators and artists who see the power in new starting points and emerging talents from the fashion design industry the question: How can an unloved garment turned into a fashionable it-piece?

Designers* Olli Hull, Shackled, Duo and Age Paris answered this call with individual re-designs made of unique craftsmanship, passion and creativity. The result is a one-of-a-kind street fashion collection just as unique as the designers.

The street-fashion items contain a mix of patchwork techniques, hand painted ensembles, and bold prints, making them perfect for fashion-conscious individuals who want to make a statement.

They baseline for the collection have been 100 basic H&M YOURS men shirts made from 100% certified organic cotton in the colors white, white dotted, blue, black and grey. The high-quality shirts were in perfect conditions but were returns not suitable for resale due to the customized size and fit. The designers were given full freedom in creating their collections. While H&Mbeyond sponsored the production, all proceeds will go to the designers and REVIBE.

By upcycling these shirts, the collaboration helps to explore opportunities & solutions to reduce waste and the need for new materials.

The designs and collection are a perfect example of how creativity, innovation, and sustainability can work together to create something truly special. The street-fashion items created by the designers are a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of innovation in the fashion industry.

The collection is affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of customers who are looking for sustainable and fashionable it-pieces. All proceeds will go to the designers and REVIBE.

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