For this summer season, football player Nadia Nadim curated a training wardrobe that not only supports her during intense workout sessions, but also resonates with her personal style. Nadia joined H&M Move in the role as Brand Mover to get the whole world and everybody moving. The new H&M Move ‘Selected by’ collection for women will be available online and in stores from Thursday May 25.

Nadia’s career journey is an inspiring story that started when she was forced to flee Afghanistan as a child. Moving from refugee status to international football star for the Danish national team, she became one of the most powerful women in international sports, while also speaking nine languages and being a Doctor of Medicine.

“Spreading inspiration around movement is important to me because sport represents inclusion. That is something that has always been a goal for me, ever since I was a 10-year-old girl dreaming of playing football. And as an athlete I’m very driven to motivate others to move – it can be small steps up or big league – but sports are so important to your health, both mentally and physically,” says Nadia Nadim, H&M Move’s Brand Mover.

The training series is developed within the ‘Selected by’ concept, where Brand Movers take an active part in product-curation - and share their unique sportswear knowledge and personal style with the H&M Move design team.

The ’Selected by Nadia’ is a hand-picked set of cool and comfortable summer training pieces in fashion-led colours such as bright pinks, earthy neutrals, a hint of purple and the always-needed basic black pieces. Curated with functionality and style in mind, Nadia’s ‘Selected by’ collection features cropped tanks, a metallic pink biker shorts, a jumpsuit with seamless print details, a packable and lightweight jacket, and a selection of oversized sweats for those well-deserved post workout moments. Most pieces are made with H&M Move’s moist-transporting technology DryMove™ - a material that keeps you strong, active and confident all day long, however you move.

“I spend a lot of my time in the gym and the fashionable vibe of this collection will certainly turn my treadmill into a catwalk,” says Nadia Nadim.

The new H&M Move ‘Selected by’ collection for women will be available online and in stores from Thursday May 25.

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