Make our normal the new norm

This International Women’s Day, we take a stand for gender equality by urging other companies to follow our lead. At H&M, no matter gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, everyone has equal opportunities.

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Karolina Kijak x H&M: From nature with love

Her wondrous watercolour illustrations show us the beauty of nature. We met Karolina Kijak-Dzikońska — the artist behind H&M’s latest print collaboration for kids— to talk about the wildlife creatures in her paintings and how a small village can develop your imagination beyond reality.

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Sleep tight: The bed linen quality guide

Do you prefer a relaxed, wrinkled look with linen sheets for your bed, or the more elegant feeling that comes with Egyptian cotton? Or maybe warm and cosy flannel is your top choice? Find your future favourite bed linen fabric with our big guide.

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Kiss Me

Five iconic kisses, five real life love stories. We celebrate the magic of unforgettable kisses with a nod to some of pop culture’s favourite moments.

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