Gear up for the outdoors

However you move, prepare to be wowed by the high-performance and cutting-edge design of H&M Move’s New Outdoor Collection.

H&M Move is on a mission to open the outdoors for everybody. With their latest drop, the fashion-forward sports brand introduces high-performance and technical movewear that’s affordable, successfully democratising our outdoor spaces for all.

Whether reconnecting on woodland runs, recharging on mountain trails, or exploring new city streets this season, these multipurpose pieces are designed with you in mind – so you can remain in the great outdoors longer, and in great comfort. Integrating unique material technologies with tapered seams, meticulously placed ventilation features, adjustable hoods, and generous storage pockets, this comprehensive layering system adapts seamlessly to diverse weather conditions and varying levels of activity intensity.

“Our aim was to design the Outdoor Collection that you can confidently wear on city streets. By introducing bold and oversized items such as the fleece set, baggy hiking trousers, and padded vest, we wanted to create a modern streetwear vibe inspired by ‘90s and Y2K aesthetics. This vision comes to life through an earthy colour palette, alongside a timeless black, accentuated by lively pops of purple. Complemented by iconic outdoor design features and detailing, it’s the perfect mix of function and fashion,” says Mfon Boman, Product Manager Outdoor at H&M Move.

The cornerstone of the collection rests on H&M Move’s trademark materials, featuring the lightweight StormMove™ shell layers for shielding against the elements, warming ThermoMove™ mid-layers offering extra insulation in colder temperatures, and DryMove™ base layers ensuring the highest level of comfort and moisture-wicking as you move. The majority of the materials used are recycled, without any compromise on garment quality, functionality, or durability.

The Outdoor Collection unveils H&M Move’s latest innovation, the StormMove™ 3-Layer Shell Jacket. Noteworthy for its clean, timeless look, ergonomic construction, and functional detailing, it distinguishes itself through the innovative material composition. Comprising a durable, water-resistant shell layer crafted from 100% recycled polyester, a smooth inner layer in 100% recycled nylon jersey, and a laminated, microporous mid-layer that effectively blocks out wind and rain while being breathable.

While each garment in the collection has undergone rigorous testing, it was the StormMove™ 3-Layer Shell Jacket that proved itself in climate-controlled conditions. To conduct this assessment, H&M Move collaborated with Progressive Sports Technologies, an independent sports consultancy recognised for working with some of the biggest names in athletic wear.

“Progressive Sports Technologies took our StormMove™ jacket and tested it against other market-leading jackets. The results proved that our product performed waterproofness, breathability, and thermo regulation on par with market-leading standards. This achievement underscores our commitment to democratising high-performing movewear and changing the way we can all enjoy the outdoors. That’s what makes our collection truly unique,” says Bryony Bennett, Materials & Innovation Lead at H&M Move.

H&M Move’s Outdoor Collection will be available in store and online at from 21 September.

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