Netflix collab: Sex Education x H&M

A back-to-campus-inspired collection with an important message

Fun. Quirky. Awkward. Important. Relatable. Netflix's series Sex Education is all that and a little bit more. We're happy to announce that the collab of Sex Education x H&M is here, with a strong campaign and a fun collection.

It was a big relief for many when the news of a third season of the British comedy-drama series came. Sex Education first premiered in 2019 and has since then been at the top of everyone's watchlist. But why? What makes this series so lovable and, most importantly, so important? (No pun intended.)

To briefly describe the narrative of the series, we get to follow high school student Otis, who's acting as a sex therapist at his school thanks to some knowledge he has picked up from his mother, who is an actual sex and relationship therapist.

So, why is the series so important then? Mainly, it's because of the accurate portrayal of real truths about sex and relationships. Thanks to the plot (and the name of the series), all types of conversations about sex are easy to include — even subjects that might be somewhat taboo or super sensitive. It shows us that sex is messy, relationships are messy, life is messy — and that's OK.

The awkward moments, the important questions, the life-changing relationships. Being a teenager is a rollercoaster of emotions, and as mentioned earlier in this article, Sex Education does a fantastic job of being transparent and showing all kinds of issues that people might have at that stage of life.

For this exclusive collaboration, H&M has created a campaign focusing on relatable and strong moments connected with female empowerment, self-love and transparency by recreating scenarios from previous seasons of the popular series.

With its varsity garments in crimson red and the logo of the name of the fictional town in the series, Moordale, this back-to-campus-inspired collection has just the right amount of retro-feel to it. 

Are you a big fan of Maeve, Otis, Eric and Lily? We think you are — and we've got the perfect printed pieces for you to wear for the premiere of the third season. HOW NEAT!

The collection will launch in H&M stores and online August 5.

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